Sarah Napier

What do you get when you cross a graphic designer with a glutton?


Sarah grew up in Melbourne, Australia, with a love of painting, drawing and all things creative. After graduating from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in 2000, she went off to explore the big wide world.

Since first leaving home turf, Sarah has lived and worked in London (UK), Treviso (Italy) and Amsterdam (NL), dreaming up creative concepts in the areas of graphic design, visual identity, brand design, environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding.

A self-confessed glutton, Sarah's passion for design has long been paralleled by her fondness of food. In 2014 these two worlds collided and Granola for Gangsters exploded onto Amsterdam’s food scene. The indie brand caused a stir in the breakfast cereal isles of the U.K., The Netherlands and Germany with its catch-cry 'All Party. No bullsh*t', its outrageously delicious flavours and a series of collaborative limited editions.

Sarah continues to work as a freelance creative based in Melbourne. If you would like to see a more extensive portfolio, or get in touch about a collaboration, you can contact Sarah here:

Career history

Freelance creative person
2001 — present
Graphic design, branding, visual identity, illustration, environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding

Granola for Gangsters
2014 — 2018
Founder and creator

Storeage (Amsterdam, NL)
2010 — 2016
Senior 2D designer

Inaria (London, UK)
2009 — 2010
Senior Graphic Designer

Büro North (Melbourne, AUS)
2006 — 2009
Associate / Senior Graphic Designer

Fabrica (Treviso, IT)
2005 — 2006
Designer in the Visual Communications Department

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